Women are marrying down

DN_Marry_DownThe family is changing. A recent Pew report show that women are now more educated than their husbands. This is the first time in history that women surpass their spouses in this category. As one looks at the data, it appears that this trend will only widen the gap between women and men.

What does this mean to the future of family ministry? How does it change what we are doing currently?

One thought on “Women are marrying down

  1. I found this study interesting because it does not fit with my childhood (I am now 70). In the little farming community in which I grew up most of the women had more education than the men. The men were farmers (some hadn’t made it out of high school) their wives were nurses and teachers – college educated. My own mother went on to get her Masters. Growing up I never thought about it – it didn’t seem strange. There was the joke that the women worked so their husbands could keep their hobby the farm – they were small farmers, which at that time was the bedrock of where America’s food came from.

    The men were still the head of the home – i never doubted who was the head in our home. So I don’t think this study changes things drastically. We still teach the truths of the Bible – the man is still to be the head of the home. This only changes things if we think suddenly every thing is different – what about the Proverbs 31 woman – for all she did she must have been educated, if not formally at least self-educated.

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