What does the missional family discipleship plan look like?

Making disciples is the priority of the missional family. Discipleship is the process of leading people to be more like Christ. Disciple making begins before someone even knows the first thing about Jesus Christ, and it never ends. Ultimately, the process is the work of the Holy Spirit, but that work is carried through the church.

What does missional family discipleship look like? It is comprehensive and includes community, knowledge, and faith.

The context is a loving community. This community…

  • Is based on the love of Jesus Christ
  • Is intergenerational
  • Capitalizes on both formal and informal activities
  • Includes strong mentors
  • Is based on encouragement from the mentors to the disciple
  • Includes honest accountability

The content of discipleship is hopeful knowledge

  • Grounded in the hope of the gospel
  • Strong in the Bible content
  • Wise in discernment
  • Connected to church history
  • Connected to culture
  • Appropriate for each age

The goal of discipleship is purposeful faith that…

  • Leads one to the mission of the church
  • Encourages active service
  • Seeks justice
  • Is thoroughly evangelistic
  • Reproduces disciples

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