Trust building in parenting…and the church

photo credit: carnagenyc via photopin cc

Parenting is a matter of demonstrating Christ’s love. A cornerstone for building a loving relationship is building a relationship of trust. No one can feel loved if they don’t feel they trust the other person.

The same is true of the church family. Trust is an imperative to the mission. To break trust is the be working against the mission of the church.

Below are a list of trust builder with an opposing list of trust busters. We all break trust at times, but the goal is to build trust.

Builders Busters
  • Listening
  • Assuming
  • Expressing clear instructions and expectations
  • Misrepresenting your hopes and expectations
  • Keeping promises 
  • Offering more than you can deliver
  • Acting consistently 
  • Erratic responses
  • Acknowledging breakdowns
  • Wearing a mask of perfection
  • Spending time together
  • Mis-prioritized values
  • Being vulnerable
  • Keeping your thoughts private
  • Empowering
  • Watching over their shoulder


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