One equation proven to make you a better parent

Parents often ask, what do I do when…?

Those are good questions, but the answer is seldom simple. Many “parenting experts” have sold books based on trying to make it simple. The problem is that their one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit all situations.

I’ve studied parenting for years. I’ve mined the scriptures for what I can find to help me with the what do I do when questions. Sadly, I seldom find a simple, clear answer in the scriptures. The colicky infants, terrible twos, mouthy pre-teens, and angsty teens don’t come up in much biblical discussion.

Sure, the Proverbs provide some guidance for parenting children. There are some general concepts that should be taken seriously, but it’s hard to say there are any clean formulas to follow for how to discipline, or how to teach your faith to your children.

But there is one formula that will always help you in your parenting.

The quality of your parenting is directly related to your personal development.

The more you pray, the better parent you are able to be.

The more you engage in personal reflection, the better you can address your child’s issues.

The more you allow God to work in your life and to build your faith, the more your child will see a positive example of God’s work, and the more likely they are to allow God’s hand to work in their life.

In many ways, parenting is about you.

2 thoughts on “One equation proven to make you a better parent

  1. Like, like like this Steve. I’ve long noticed in my own life that my kids know when I’m not genuine and when I’m saying and not doing. My own genuine walk with the LORD goes miles in leading them… most times without a word. Great post.

  2. Rose

    Great post! I honestly get overwhelmed sometimes by parenting books and articles….often they just seem like one huge to-do list that I’m never going to be able to tackle but this is simple and makes total sense. I can definitely work on these things. Thank you for this post! 🙂

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