For Nurturing Children and Churches: Why Safe is Not Always Better

Parents are tasked with protecting their children. Church leaders, likewise, are responsible for protecting their church.

In both of these cases, protecting does not mean taking the safe way all the time.

Parents should put their kids in child seats. That’s safe and that’s protecting them.

Parents should not jump into every situation that can get their children into trouble. That seems safe in the short run, but in the long run, children parented in such a way will never learn to be creative or innovative. They won’t learn to fight to get themselves out of difficult places. They won’t learn to stand on their own feet.

Children need to experience unsafe challenges.

Church leaders need to allow conflict to rise in their churches. They need to learn to allow the people to work out their difficult situations. They even need to allow their people to consider heretical ideas. By allowing these things rather than taking the safe way, church leaders will have stronger churches who are more convinced of their purpose and beliefs.

If church leaders jump into every issue, their church members will be weak and reliant on leaders. This is dangerous for the church.

Church leadership is a lot like parenting. Parenting is a lot like leading.

One thought on “For Nurturing Children and Churches: Why Safe is Not Always Better

  1. This is a truth I was taught many years ago – the story of how I was taught this is here What I really learned was the why we do the jumping in – it was truly an eye and heart opener.

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