Memories have multiple stories

Memories come with multiple stories

A few years ago, my family spent some time at a ranch in Colorado. It was a good week except for the moment that I turned my horse to see Elie’s horse tossing her onto a dam embankment. The result, 2 broken arms and 1 concussion. Certainly, that was a dark cloud, but it didn’t ruin our stay. Elie was grounded for the rest of the week, but she found entertainment in helping the kitchen crew and brushing horses. (The rancher said the horses had never been groomed before.)

This could have been a failure of a trip for our family, but it wasn’t. Scary, yes. Bad, no. As Elie and I drove away from the hospital that afternoon, I remember telling her that good things in life don’t come without risk, but the risk is where the stories are made.

We all have stories from that experience. God used it to bring us closer together.Make stories with your family and with your church, but don’t be surprised if there is danger in the making.

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