Marks of the early church and the family model of ministry

Scot McKnight asks the question When is Your Gathering the “Church”? today. The post is in response to Classical Christian Doctrine: Introducing the Essentials of the Ancient Faith by Ronald E. Heine. 

McKnight summarizes Heine 5 marks of the early church like this:

1. Faith, but as the act of trust in Christ and faith as the content of what the Christians believed, and here he refers to proto-creeds in the NT, and I would see the most important one to be 1 Cor 15:3-5 (though he does not list the references).
2. Holy Spirit — living indwelling and reality.
3. A particular, acceptable way of living.
4. Ministry of pastors, teachers, etc.
5. Sacraments in baptism and eucharist.

It’s interesting to consider how to apply these to the family model of ministry. What do you think? Are the consistent with family ministries?


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