Leadership as a new idol

There’s a great article on the Leadership Journal blog by Paul Pastor. I hope that many church “leaders” will read it.

We live in a world with a Twitter mentality. By that, I mean a world that expects that everyone should have followers. I’ll follow you, you follow me–that makes us both leaders. Influence and leadership have become idols that have replaced God in our pursuits. Pastor’s and others encourage this by inviting the whole church to leadership conferences and focusing on them as valuable church members when they take visible volunteer positions in the church. We do this by making the focus of our church the programs and services that we provide and, particularly, on the people who provide them.

I hope that everyone in the church has some level of influence on the people around them. I hope that that influence is the Light of Christ coming through their attitude and actions. However, I hope that most Christian people are comfortable with being followers. Pastor says,

We are self deceived, in the pew and in the pulpit. We crave power and crave influence. We crave a throne, but a darkly pious one—think how closely the desire for rulership, the need to be seen sidled up to Christ the King, the need to be in front correlates to our culture of Christian celebrity!

This craving is our idol. A god of what we can do to and for other people. I god that makes our power more important than God’s power. We need to give it up. We are most influential for the Kingdom of God when we are followers of Jesus, not leaders of people.

It’s OK for churches to have good leaders. It’s better if we have good followers.

One thought on “Leadership as a new idol

  1. Michelle Skiba Armstrong

    Thank you for this. God has been recently revealing this to me and telling me to follow Jesus. Not those whom everyone else is following. I see it so clearly that leadership has become a huge idol.

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