How to bring your prodigal child back

Abraham Piper was excommunicated from his father’s church when he was 19. In 2007, he wrote an article for Decision Magazine about how his parents helped him to return to his faith. It is difficult for parents to watch their children walk away from the faith that they tried to teaching them when they were young. I’ve worked with many parents in this situation. It’s always confusing. The temptation is to attack their children for their choices. That’s not helpful.

Here are the 12 points that Abraham makes. Please read the full article to better understand them.

  1. Point them to Christ.
  2. Pray.
  3. Acknowledge that something is wrong.
  4. Don’t expect them to be Christlike.
  5. Welcome them home.
  6. Plead with them more than you rebuke them.
  7. Connect them to other believers.
  8. Respect their friends.
  9. E-mail them.
  10. Take them to lunch.
  11. Take an interest in their pursuits.
  12. Point them to Christ.

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