Family ministry is ministry of grace

Family ministry is about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Family ministry is both a method and an example.

Through family ministry we proclaim to the next generation what Jesus has done, and what he is doing in developing his Kingdom.

Through family ministry we demonstrate love, grace, and forgiveness as we have received from Jesus Christ.

Family ministry is aspirational. There are no churches doing it perfectly. There are no families who can be held as the repeatable model.

There are examples of things that churches and families can try, but just because it works for one situation doesn’t mean with will transfer to another. Churches and family are complex systems that differ even when they look similar.

Family ministry needs to be explored and ideas tried with the expectation that many things will fail. Failure may be the best opportunity to practice family ministry as the family (the church and the home) practices grace.

Grace is practiced through forgiveness: offering love in place of anger.

Forgiveness isn’t ignoring wrong doing. It isn’t pretending that wrongdoing hasn’t happened. Forgiveness is acknowledging hurt but imputing righteousness instead of anger on another. This is love—that one would care enough about another, and care more about the well being of the family and the church, that they could let go of their personal pain and demonstrate a caring spirit for those who have disrupted their lives.

Family ministry is about parents crediting goodness to their children. It’s about sisters attributing goodness to their brothers. It’s about church members imputing goodness to their leaders, and the leaders crediting their members with goodness.

Family ministry is about parents forgiving their kids. It’s about brothers forgiving their sisters. It’s about church members forgiving one another. It’s about the body of Christ acting as Christ demonstrated, by going to the cross as an offering of grace for the forgiveness all sins.

Family ministry is living grace in community. Family ministry is ministry of grace.

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