Are there effective ways to raise the next generation?

If you ask me what is the most efficient way to teach my children to be spiritually whole, to be mature in their humanity, or to be disciples of Jesus Christ, you will stump me.

Why am I stumped? Because that question will have created a conundrum. To be human, to be spiritual, and to be a disciple are not matters that can be accomplished with efficiency. In fact, efficiency may be the greatest barrier or even the exact opposite of those goals.

If you want the next generation to be spiritual, human, and followers of Christ, you need to give up efficiency and be committed to a long struggle with them. You cannot attempt to do so with all of them or many of them. This creates a need for efficiency again. Rather, you should identify a few who are already in your midst or who come in to your life in a special way, then commit to those few until the end. Don’t worry about the masses that you cannot choose to help. Allow God room to provide someone else to lead them. You’re better off doing good with a few than stunting the growth of many.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Start with your own spiritual and human growth. You cannot help them grow into a fruitful plant if you’re a withering weed.

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