Day 1 Missio Alliance – Making family more missional

I had a great first day at the Missio Alliance conference in Alexandria,VA. Scot McKinght started things off with his normal thoughtful wit and challenge speaking on the Gospel. Cherish Fee-Nordling had a motivating talk were we learned that God didn’t create heaven because he needed to change people to make them more lovable. He already loves people. The evening session we (mostly young, white church planters) were move from our seats by the gospel sound of the Alfred Street Baptist Church Royal Priesthood choir.

I have two quick thoughts about family ministry and this first day of this missional conference.

1) Family ministry cannot focus on the family. It must focus in the King Jesus. Working to develop healthy, natural discipling relationships is what we need to do so that our children don’t see us, but see Jesus through us. By “us,” I mean parents and adult church people who interact with children.

2) Family ministry is gaining strength as a movement in North America. The missional church movement is gaining strength in North America. While most of the family ministry efforts are centered in more traditional churches, the missional church is ripe for this convergence.

  • missional churches tend to be lead by and populated by young families.
  • Missional leaders tend to think community and envelop there family into their discipleship structures.
  • Missional churches seem to want to the the family of God.
  • Missional churches are all about releasing their people into the community.
  • What can we do to help make our family ministry ideas more missional? What can we do to make our missional church more family?


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