Church Consulting

Etchea Coaching can help your church to transition into a relational, family-connected discipleship ministry. We use an approach developed by our founder, Steve Johnson, and Scott Turansky of the National Center for Biblical Parenting.

We can guide you through each of the 4 Component of Family Ministry according to your needs as a church.

Component 1: Start with the ministries you have.

We’ll review your curriculum and help you to design a program that links the church and the home in the discipleship of young people. We have workshops to help your leadership team learn and begin incorporating the family ministry philosophy.

Component 2: Develop a training plan for parents.

We’ll evaluate topics, and connect you with presenters and tools that fit your needs. We teach parenting seminars on topics from parenting skills to discipleship in the home.

Component 3: Create cross-generational experiences.

We’ll help you consider ways that you can introduce cross-generational worship, service projects and learning events. We have examples of how many churches are blending their age groups effectively.

Component 4: Empower and disciple parents.

We’ll provide resource ideas and help you to introduce home-discipleship to your parents. We have seminar and messages that we can present to your church.