Christian maturity won’t come when you “get more” from your church

Carey Nieuwhof has a great post called Why We Need a Different Kind of ‘Maturity’ in the Church. In this post he points to the issue of people church hopping because they don’t think their current church is helping them to mature. The problem is that people will never mature when they are seeking what is best for them. Christian maturity is self sacrifice (Rom. 1). Christians grow when they have a family that helps them work through their issues so that they can give to others.

Of course, if the family refuses to help their people grow in this Kingdom way, some may find a different church more helpful. Sadly, I’ve found few people who church hop because they want a family who is going to get into their issues more.

Nieuwhof lists these five marks as better measures of maturity:

  1. A passion for application.
  2. Humility.
  3. A servant’s heart.
  4. A love for unchurched people.
  5. A deep investment in the Kingdom of God.

Growing to maturity is a long, vulnerable process. People need a community of grace to help them mature. People need a family that cares for them. A communities need to grow together.


2 thoughts on “Christian maturity won’t come when you “get more” from your church

  1. Todd

    This is good. I think when it come to maturity we’ve gotten to the point where we have given away responsibility to the church for our own maturity. In reality, the person who is most qualified and most able to help me mature is me. We need to take responsibility or our own lives and our own maturity. That’s not saying we don’t need community. They are responsible to us in our move towards maturity, but just not responsible FOR our maturity. There is a big difference…

  2. I think I’d add another… given the sheer volume of “one another” passages… a love for fellow Christians, and the relationships that requires.

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