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2 point 62: Moderating life to be a better parent

This morning I went for a run. (Actually, I used to run. Now I trot and breathe really hard.) As I took off on this run, I set my running app for 2.62 miles. That may seem like a random … Continue reading

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How to raise kids to change the world

Yesterday, the last 3 seconds  of an advertisement caught my eye. It was a boy about 11 or 12 talking about doing well in school and ended with the line, “then I can be a scientist, and I can change … Continue reading

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Parent’s goals of success can trip their kids on the way to their callings

One afternoon I had an opportunity to talk with a parent of one of the young men who had graduated from my ministry. “I hear Billy (not his real name) wants to go into a ministry with disabled people.” I … Continue reading

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For Nurturing Children and Churches: Why Safe is Not Always Better

Parents are tasked with protecting their children. Church leaders, likewise, are responsible for protecting their church. In both of these cases, protecting does not mean taking the safe way all the time. Parents should put their kids in child seats. … Continue reading

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One equation proven to make you a better parent

Parents often ask, what do I do when…? Those are good questions, but the answer is seldom simple. Many “parenting experts” have sold books based on trying to make it simple. The problem is that their one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit … Continue reading

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10 Common Lies that Parents Tell Themselves (and others)

Parents don’t usually intend to lie in this way, but when wrapped up in the everyday issues many parents misrepresent the truth by substituting these common perspectives. You’ll notice that most of these “lies” have an element of truth behind … Continue reading

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Parents make a difference—Steven Colbert’s tribute to his mom

Parents make a difference. I don’t know what you think of Steven Colbert (the TV personality who drops the pronunciation of the last “t”), but you will think more of Steven Colbert when you hear his tribute to his mom. … Continue reading

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3 things we could have done more

As of this week, both of my daughters have graduated from high school. We’re moving to a new stage of life as empty nesters. Yesterday, I wrote at post on the 5 things that I think my wife and I did well … Continue reading

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5 things we discovered to help our children mature well

This week my daughter graduates from high school. My wife and I move toward the empty nest stage of life. I’ve learned  we aren’t really there yet as. college students still live at home when they can. As I move … Continue reading

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Gloves, opera and why dads are so important

Note: I first posted this in June 2011 on my personal blog. I think it’s an important reminded to dads about how they affect their children. Happy Father’s Day. I’ve thought a lot about being a dad this June more … Continue reading

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