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Parents, your faith is important

Christianity Today reports on a new study about parent, children and the resiliency of faith. The study was released in a book by University of Southern California researcher, Vern Bengtson. The book is called Families and Faith: How Religion is Passed … Continue reading

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Moving toward MLK’s dream: 5 ways to give your children a rich cultural experience

Today is the 50th celebration of Martin Luther King’s landmark “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, DC. Most of the readers of this blog are white and middle class. As such, we will notice the rally happening there again … Continue reading

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Relocation Stress Syndrome and the first days at college

I have a couple of personal events taking precedent in my life this week, so rather than just shutting down the blog for a few days, please indulge me with this opportunity to share what I’m learning through these events. … Continue reading

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How to raise kids to change the world

Yesterday, the last 3 seconds  of an advertisement caught my eye. It was a boy about 11 or 12 talking about doing well in school and ended with the line, “then I can be a scientist, and I can change … Continue reading

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Parent’s goals of success can trip their kids on the way to their callings

One afternoon I had an opportunity to talk with a parent of one of the young men who had graduated from my ministry. “I hear Billy (not his real name) wants to go into a ministry with disabled people.” I … Continue reading

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3 things you can do with kids that might serve them better than Sunday school

In many people’s minds, Sunday school or the Sunday morning children’s program is the standard for the spiritual development of children. When a child doesn’t like their class, parents are often greatly concerned. I’ve had many ask me to help … Continue reading

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One equation proven to make you a better parent

Parents often ask, what do I do when…? Those are good questions, but the answer is seldom simple. Many “parenting experts” have sold books based on trying to make it simple. The problem is that their one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit … Continue reading

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12 really practical ways you can mix generations without scrapping age-directed ministry

God established the Church as a family. Families are mixes of people from every generation. Unfortunately, few churches demonstrate this. The age-graded model of ministry works well as a faith factory, a way of getting everyone something that relates immediately … Continue reading

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Servant leadership is about serving

There’s a nice discussion about servant leadership on the Jesus Creed blog. It’s about Brian Harris’ book The Tortoise Usually Wins: Biblical Reflections on Quiet Leadership for Reluctant Leaders, which I would like to read, but haven’t yet. The discussion … Continue reading

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Missional Family’s top 5 posts

Etchea’s Missional Family blog is young, but looking back at our first 6 months, these are the top 5 post by number of hits. #5—Four observations on the missional movement and their children (April 16, 2013) In response to some … Continue reading

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