Connecting home and church: The take-home sheet from @thewellpa

Over the last month, we’ve begun introducing parent connection papers to help connect The Well‘s children classes with the home. The goal is to equip parents to have spiritual discussions with their children. There are three parts to these papers.

  1. The classroom connection. Information about what the children are learning.
  2. The community connection. This month we’re working on teaching parents and children about communion.
  3. The practical application/discussion. This is something that parents can talk about, usually at dinner time. Staying with the communion theme, this month we are talking about how dinner is like communion.
I’ve included this week’s offering as a sample for people to review. Download the pdf through the following link.

God uses Joseph plus Communion instructions

I posted more on this topic last week.

Concordia Publishing House rejects “fun and popular” VBS model

What do you think? Is the fun VBS keeping children from hearing the gospel? The following quote is from the press release that can be found here.

Concordia Publishing House is calling on Vacation Bible School (VBS) publishers to make the gospel—not entertainment—central to their VBS programs.

“Our stand is against Vacation Bible School programs that confuse children with images and characters that are unrealistic and too similar to cartoons on TV and in the movies—where is the Christian focus?” said Emily Barlean, senior public relations specialist.

Acknowledging that VBS themes may use cartoonish figures or themes to “hook” children and get them interested in participating in a church VBS program, a company statement observed that “the steady transformation of VBS programs into full-on entertainment machines has created a rather distressing situation.

“Instead of being used to share the Word of the Lord, VBS is being used to babysit and cure boredom—and many children are leaving VBS more confused than ever as to who and what is real and who and what are just characters and stories.”