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Viable Family Ministry Models Part 2 of 4

This is the much delayed (many months, sorry) second post in a four part series discussing different models of family ministry. In our first post, we talked about how two scholars (Timothy Paul Jones and Denise Kjesbo) have defined family … Continue reading

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Christ must be the gospel of family ministry

There is a warning, or a concern, I have for the leaders of family ministry. It is a temptation that can overcome anyone, no matter what their ministry focus, but I see it constantly creeping into posts, books, and sermons … Continue reading

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The church is the family

Bruxy Cavey, the teaching pastor at the Meetin House in Toronto Canada, is starting a new teaching series on what he calls the Modern Family. In the first sermon of that series, he uses Matthew 12:46-50 to make the point that the church … Continue reading

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Parents, your faith is important

Christianity Today reports on a new study about parent, children and the resiliency of faith. The study was released in a book by University of Southern California researcher, Vern Bengtson. The book is called Families and Faith: How Religion is Passed … Continue reading

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7 Reasons a children’s leader cannot create family ministry

The good news is that the family model of ministry is growing around the country. This means more churches are working to connect discipleship to the home and more people are finding the church to be a necessary family. I … Continue reading

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Connecting home and church: The take-home sheet from @thewellpa

Over the last month, we’ve begun introducing parent connection papers to help connect The Well‘s children classes with the home. The goal is to equip parents to have spiritual discussions with their children. There are three parts to these papers. … Continue reading

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3 things you can do with kids that might serve them better than Sunday school

In many people’s minds, Sunday school or the Sunday morning children’s program is the standard for the spiritual development of children. When a child doesn’t like their class, parents are often greatly concerned. I’ve had many ask me to help … Continue reading

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Family ministry is ministry of grace

Family ministry is about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Family ministry is both a method and an example. Through family ministry we proclaim to the next generation what Jesus has done, and what he is doing in developing his Kingdom. … Continue reading

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Servant leadership is about serving

There’s a nice discussion about servant leadership on the Jesus Creed blog. It’s about Brian Harris’ book The Tortoise Usually Wins: Biblical Reflections on Quiet Leadership for Reluctant Leaders, which I would like to read, but haven’t yet. The discussion … Continue reading

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Missional Family’s top 5 posts

Etchea’s Missional Family blog is young, but looking back at our first 6 months, these are the top 5 post by number of hits. #5—Four observations on the missional movement and their children (April 16, 2013) In response to some … Continue reading

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