Steven Johnson Bio

Steven Johnson is a teacher, leader, consultant, and mentor with 14 years leading family ministries in local churches and 3 years of teaching at the undergraduate level. He received an MA in Leadership from Denver Seminary. Steve has been married for 24 years to Stefanie. Together they raised two daughters who have grown into interesting, insightful, caring young adults. His philosophy of family ministry is rooted in the belief that children grow mature faith through cross-generational relationships. Steve teaches the Children and Family ministry course at Cairn University and a Technology and Ethics course at the College of New Jersey. “The interesting thing about the TCNJ course is that I’ve learned not just about technology, but about the intrusiveness of human systems and techniques that hamper interpersonal relationships. It’s easy to see these techniques in government bureaucracy and dealing with large corporations, but they also exist in the local church and even in our family.”