7 Reasons to Not Shop on Thanksgiving Day

The trend for earlier celebrations of the holidays has bothered me for some time now. This year, while looking for school supplies in August, I discovered that the back to school aisle had already been converted to Halloween candy. Of course, Christmas had taken over that aisle long before Halloween was over. You’ve likely seen […]

Singleness is something to be celebrated

Singles are a valuable part of the church. Whether they have chosen and are happy with that state or they wish to change it, the church should welcome them into the family. I wrote about that on March 12, 2013 and I’ve reposted it below. I’m also please that Bruxy Cavey as part of his […]

The church is the family

Bruxy Cavey, the teaching pastor at the Meetin House in Toronto Canada, is starting a new teaching series on what he calls the Modern Family. In the first sermon of that series, he uses Matthew 12:46-50 to make the point that the church is Jesus’ family. While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, […]

Why governance fails and why it needs the missional family model

For generations people have talked, argued, and fought over the model of leadership for the church. Many support the episcopal model, which has a single leader- the bishop. This is the type of leadership used by the Catholic church, Anglican church, and many entrepreneurial-style evangelical churches. One person has the final say in what the church […]

Parents, your faith is important

Christianity Today reports on a new study about parent, children and the resiliency of faith. The study was released in a book by University of Southern California researcher, Vern Bengtson. The book is called Families and Faith: How Religion is Passed Down across Generations. Key take aways: Parents who consistently model the faith have more faithful […]

The family model and the angry pastor

The reason many clergy are depressed is that they are angry. And the reason that they are angry is that they are consistently victimized by dysfunctional bullies who wield power inside the church. The preceding quote is from Thomas Bandy’s blog post, Clergy Anger & the Urgency of a True Spiritual Life. Having been a pastor […]

Trust building in parenting…and the church

Parenting is a matter of demonstrating Christ’s love. A cornerstone for building a loving relationship is building a relationship of trust. No one can feel loved if they don’t feel they trust the other person. The same is true of the church family. Trust is an imperative to the mission. To break trust is the […]