Missional Family’s top 5 posts

Etchea’s Missional Family blog is young, but looking back at our first 6 months, these are the top 5 post by number of hits.

#5—Four observations on the missional movement and their children

(April 16, 2013) In response to some new relationship I made at MissioAlliance, I reflect on the maturing of the missional movement with respect to the growth of family ministry.

#4—3 Reasons to Stop Using the Word Volunteer in Church Ministry

(May 7, 2013) It’s going to be hard to work around the term volunteer, but we muse that the idea of volunteerism has drawbacks particularly as it adds to the professional/lay ministry mindset.

#3—Unbranding your children’s and youth ministries

(April 18, 2013) It seems second nature now days, but naming ministries has drawbacks. Particularly, as it adds to the separation between our youth and the church. This post has raised many eyebrows.

#2—Two models of family ministry

(March 19, 2013) Model 1 is the traditional family ministry with classes for each member of the family and home studies for the families. Model 2 is the cross-generational missional family model. This post redefined Etchea and missional family has become our model.

#1—5 Ways to tell the difference between Traditional Family Ministry Churches and Missional Family Churches

(March 28, 2013) Following up the Two Models post, this post seemed to bring clarity to the differences and it seemed to resinate with many contemplating family ministry. The post had 100 reader in the first 24 hours online. That’s not a lot by some bloggers measure, but it’s viral by our standard.

Thanks for reading. I hope we continue to help churches and leaders to understand the nature of family ministry.

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